04 June 2007

How to get traffic to your website-Using Forums[Part-II]

How to get traffic to your website -Part-II will tell you more about using forums.If you have missed the Part-I,you can read it from here

When you are going to search forums of your blogging interest,be sure to check the number of registered users in that forum.Also check how frequently posts are made in that forum.This is very important.If no people are going to visit that forum,then no one will read your post and therefore no one will click you Signature link.So join a forum with good number of visitors.

Yahoo! Answers:
Yahoo! Answers is also a way on how to get traffic to your website..People ask questions.If you know the answer well,then you can add your link at the end of your reply.By doing this,people will get interest in you and will visit your site/blog.But i advice you not to spam the answer column.

Coming back to forums,when you don't find any interesting question,write an interesting information which will attract the users.So when people read your information and if they like it,they will surely visit your site.

So keep posting in forums without spamming.Use Yahoo! Answer to the best.

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