05 June 2007

Earning Money Offline:Its A Good Way Too

Earning money offline doesn't mean your 9-5 regular job.You can do small jobs or errands for few dollars.There are many ways to Earn money offline.But let me just give few ideas for earning offline.

Do you do gardening?Then what are you waiting for?Go out and tell your neighbor that you are interested in doing some Gardening work and if he/she permits you can do it.But don't say that you will do it for Free.Ask $5 for it if the garden is big.So that can make you $150 a month.

Baby Sitting:
Baby sitter is what many office goers need.So why don't you go to a house where the parents leave their child at hostels.Go and tell them that you can do the baby sitting work for $250 per month.But you should be a person with love and care to children and also babies should love you.

If you are good at something then why not teach it to somebody for few dollars.Say if you are good at computer,then put up a board saying:
"Computer classes taken here"
You can ask good amount of money.

So you read some ways to earn money offline.But it does not end here.There are so many more ways.To know them subscribe to our newsletter and get it to your mail for FREE as soon as i write it here.Good Luck.

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