08 June 2007

Help Join Orkut:Orkut Invitation

Orkut is a place where people all around the world get to know each other and talk through scraps.I know few people who had asked me to help join orkut.But joining orkut needs orkut invitation if you don't have a Gmail account.

Orkut is a place where we can also learn.There are communities on several topics.You can chat with old school friends or college friends.You can even find new friends there.I myself wanted to join orkut 2 years ago.But no one sent me the orkut invitation.After few days my friend sent me the orkut invitation.I was also asking people to help join orkut before the I got the invite.

Orkut is also a place from where you can get traffic.But you should not spam there.You can provide information for any user and then add you link.For me Orkut is getting a lot of traffic.

So for all those who say "Help Join Orkut" or wants "Orkut Invitation",you can freely post your email id in the comments section.I will send you the orkut invitation as fast as I can.

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