04 June 2007

How to get traffic to your website-Using Forums[Part-I]

Traffic is very important if you are going to run a internet marketing business.No visitors means no money.Without any visitors we cannot profit.You should not be the only customer for your business itself.So Im going to explain you part by part how to get traffic to your website using forums.Why is this named Part-I by the way?Its because I cannot explain it to you in a single blog post.

Now coming to which type of forum you are going to join.Go and do a google search of "Your Niche(Topic of blogging)+Forum".Join few forums of that kind.Then all you have to do is Log in and answer the people who wants answer from people like you.Answering people doesn't mean that you answer everyone or every question.Answer only the question which you know something about.If you are providing them a good and helpful information,then they will become your loyal and targeted visitor.What else you need?Nothing.Only Good Traffic.

When joining forums,have your website as your signature file(The one that appears below every single post of yours).If the people get the answer they want,then they will surely visit your site.Not only that person,but everyone who reads it.Say if you are going to get 10 visitors from each good reply of yours.Then you can easily get 100 visitors for 10 good and informative reply.This is how to get traffic to your website.

So don't waste your time.Time is precious.Join forums and start replying and as well as promoting your website.And for goodness sake Don't spam the forums.Thanks.Second part will be up in few days.Be sure to subscribe to my blog for FREE and get the second part to your email id itself.Thanks and Good Luck.

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