25 May 2007

mGinger-Earn With Your Mobile

mGinger has been one of the great ways to earn money.This is becoming famous these days.It is totally FREE to join.

What is special about mGinger?

-It is great for Indians
-It has a minimum payout of Rs.300
-You receive Ads that interest you
-You can also select the time during which you wish to receive these ads.

Each Ad you see earns you 20 paise.You can select the number of ads you wish to receive every day.Maximum number of Ads is 10.So that makes Rs.2 every day.So you earn Rs.60.
You get 10 paise if one of your referral view your ads.So if you have 10 referrals and if everyone earns Rs.2 per day,you receive Rs1 from each referral.Rs.10 per day.That makes Rs.300 per month.
You also get 5 paise from each people your referral refers.So if your referral's referral earns Rs.2 per day,you earn 50 paise.So if each of your referrals have 10 referrals then you earn Rs.50 per day.That means Rs.1500 per month.

So totally,you earn 60+300+1500=Rs.1860 per month.
What are you waiting for then,join by Clicking Here

This is not a scam.mGinger has been reviewed by a India's top news channel,CNN IBN.

You can view their review by Clicking here

Still not joined??
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Earn well with your mobile and let your mobile pay bills by their own.Good Luck.


Jefferson M. Stovall said...

This place has a pretty generous scheme, and their tech is cool:


Ramkarthik said...

Ya.But i tell you,you wont receive ads for few days.They are in beta testing.They will send Ads only after they get a good number of advertisers.But no need to worry.Its a legit site.Thanks for commenting on my blog.