22 May 2007

What Is The Secret To Money Making Online? By Bruce Seah

The secret to making money online is found in the word: SECRET

Sincerity - are you being true to yourself and others. Do you really deliver value and benefits to your clients who bought your products? When you are sincere, you will attract lifetime customers who will buy from you again and again.

Ethical - doing the right things. If you are a hit and run internet marketer and you make money without delivering value and helping your customers, you are just one of the crooks and black sheep that have given the industry a bad name and created so much skepticism that people find it hard to accept even a genuine offer! It is very stupid, silly and foolish to cheat others because the universal law of cause and effect will hunt you down! You can run but you can never hide! When you give value and benefit others, it will come back to you many times multiplied and it is the same when you cheat and harm others, it will come back to you many times multiplied!

Co-operate - have strategic alliances and joint ventures. If you ask any top internet marketers how they build their huge list, nine out of ten will tell you they did it through joint ventures where they ask someone who has a huge list to partner with them and sell their products and this way they are able to gain access to the huge list and build their list from that huge list!

Research - you must find out what the market wants! Test your activities and track what you are doing. You must know what works and what doesn't works. It is all about finding out what the market wants and repeating what works for you again and again and finding ways to multiply your results! To be successful, learn from those who are successful. There are no secrets, the success formula is already given to you in the bible: "Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened, ask and you shall received!

Enrich - you must constantly think of ways to add value to people's lives and add more value to what you offer to your customers. When you enrich others, you are enriching yourself, it is as simple as that. Constantly think of ways to help others, millions of people are looking for solutions to their problems, they are looking for ways to take away their pains, fears and worries. Think of solutions to their physical pain, emotional pain and financial pain. Find products or create products that can help them and that is why you must do your market research and find out what they are looking for?

Team - you cannot do it alone! You must learn to leverage and build a winning team. Apply the RICE concept, find the RESOURCES, work with people who have great IDEAS, have joint ventures with people who have great CONTACTS and leverage on people who have the EXPERTISE!

Learn from Jay Abraham, the marketing guru, he has great books and programs on marketing and he defined marketing in this simple term, it is about loving your clients and being good to them! Are you doing that in your marketing online or offline?

About the Author

Bruce Seah, Marketing Consultant, Business Owner and Author. Bruce loves to indentify major trends and profit from them. For his free ebook on How to Make Money Online Now! Go to: http://www.BusinessAtAClick.com Feel free to use this article in your website or ezine as long as the information about author and website is included.

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