29 May 2007

Internet Scams-How To Find The Work At Home Scams

Newbies to internet marketing tend to join in these types of scam sites.The amount these sites pay is nil.But they say they will pay $$.Their minimum payouts will be $50000.Will you reach it??
By seeing the money,the newbies enter their site and join.These people know the weakness of newbies.They know for what words we will fall.

Most of the paid to read email or paid to do survey sites are scams.I have come across few sites.I can tell you how they advertise.This will be funny.Here are some internet Scams advertisement.

1)Read emails.Each Email is worth $250.
2)Do surveys.Each survey is worth between $100-$250 according to their size.
3)Minimum Payout $50000.
4)If you become a paid member no minimum payout.

These are some lines the scam sites tell.

I can tell you few other ways to find the word at home scams:
1)You can do some research in google.Just type "Site name+Scam".Analyze the result and check if any of them is telling that the site is a scam.
2)You can also join in forums and ask people there if they have tried it.

One good site i have joined is MyLot
To know more about myLot Click here

Good Luck.


Paul Penafiel said...

I started out in get paid to read email world and let me tell you there are soooo many horrible sites and most people don't know that they are being scammed.

You should expose some of them so when other newbies sees them, they will remember not to join.

Nice blog.


Ramkarthik said...

I can expose it friend.I have to do some analysis and then post all scams and all legits in a post.Thanks for your comment.