31 May 2007

Blogger Vs Wordpress

Blogs are a nice way to express one's own self.Blogs have various defenitions.Generally,
"A blog is a personal diary"
People use blogs to write about them or even to earn money.People sometimes wonder how they can earn money with blog.Yes you can earn money.
There are various platforms in which you can blog.
3)Type Pad
Let's leave Typepad aside.We'll consider Blogger and Wordpress.

Advantages of Wordpress:
1)Dozens of Gorgeous Themes
2)Automatic Spam Protection
3)Import from Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, and More
4)Sidebar Widgets for Flickr, del.icio.us, Meebo, and More

Advantages of Blogger:
1)Cool themes
2)Autosaving of draft posts to the Blogger post editor
3)You can blog in many languages in which Hindi is also included
4)You get placed in google search easily as it is owned by google

So it's up to you now,to choose which is best.If you would like to tell me which one is best,add a comment.Good Luck.

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