07 May 2007

Newbies To Internet Marketing-A Must Read

Internet marketing is a huge field.You have a lot to learn here.I'm here sitting and writing these MUST READ.But do you think i know a lot about this profession?Obviously no.But i know something that i can tell you.Now reading this alone won't help you.Doing it will only help you.If you are here just to test what i know,then you can stop reading here itself and carry on some other work.

Start Off
Well,let me start now.Newbies search internet for money making programs.They jump into everything they see without even knowing what it is about.They get attracted when they see '$$'.There are some new genuine programs entering the internet from which you can earn real money.But there are more programs which are just SCAMS.They target the newbies.The reason for it?Because you are willing to do anything for money.At least from today stop it.Don't join the in the programs thats too hard to even believe.I know you would want to earn money and get rich over night.But i tell you there is no program that can make you rich like that,as far as i know.The only way to become rich is hard work.Hard work pays.The Ones who are earning thousands and thousands of dollars today would have really worked without considering whether it is day or night.You can become like them if you work hard.If they can,why can't you?
Newbies without any internet knowledge would most probably join these programs:
1.Paid To Click
3.Read emails

You can earn few dollars with these but you cannot become rich.One program i would recommend you to join is MyLot.Joining myLot is FREE and you can earn some dollars.And you can join by Clicking Here

Newbies should learn a lot other than this.I recommend you to join this forum called Self Starters Weekly Tips.It is FREE.Im a member of that forum too.Join by Clicking Here.Hope to see you there.

And now you would feel as if you have really achieved something great.Now with this same confidence follow whatever i told.And this does not end here.You will learn more.Keep in touch with my Blog to learn more.My next post is not very far.Good Luck.

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