09 May 2007

Home based internet marketing-Experience as a 17 year old

Its always nice to meet people with new articles.But this article is very special.Its about my experience in internet marketing business.What makes it special?Its my age.Being 17 years old and doing a business is not at all easy.Let me explain more.

At The Beginning
I finished my 12th grade and was in a vacation.I was so very bored that i planned to start a business.I didn't have any previous experience.So what i did?I searched the net for e-books related to internet marketing.I downloaded many e-books and spent my next few days reading it.I didn't skim the e-book.In fact i read the e-books over and over again.Why?Just to enrich my mind.I started my own Free website.I provided good information to my visitors that they came again and again.Then i thought,why i shouldn't start my own paid website.I made plans for my website.But all in vain.I didn't have enough money.So i had to drop off the idea.

Blogging-My Passion
I then made up my mind to start a blog.I selected which topic i should be blogging on.The first topic that came to my mind was Home based internet marketing.I joined few programs that paid to post and paid to click.I advertised them on my blog.It had a great result.I got many referrals.At that time i heard a lot of people talking about AdSense.I also read a few e-Books about it.I went to join them.This is were my age factor played a role.As i said i was only 17,i couldn't join in it.The terms of Google AdSense said i should be 18 or above.I encouraged myself and again started to blog.I got help from my friends.I got help from forums.Most of them told me to join affiliate programs.So,i decided to go to clickbank and cj.Adding fuel to the fire,that was also a failure because they also wanted people of age above 18.

Turning Point
I was really frustrated.I joined one more forum.This was the turning point.The members here were very good helpers.The owner of the forum,who is also a marketing expert,advised me to continue blogging.The members too encouraged me.They said that my target should be on getting visitors to my blog and make them my permanent visitors,so that i can have a great start when i turn 18.This piece of advise helped me a lot.I updated my blog every now and then.I had some visitors who subscribed to my blog.Now I'm still having the same aim.Get more visitors.Aim for a good Google page rank.

The Truth
Now to tell you the truth,I'm still 17 and I'm still on my way to success.Blogging has become my passion.Home based internet marketing is what i wanted to do and i am improving step by step to become a Professional internet marketer and also a professional blogger.I hope to have a great with from my next birthday.

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