07 August 2007

Internet Business Tip: Blog Your Way to a Six Figure Income by Carl Coddington

Quick Preface: As you already know, people are making tons of money on the Internet every day. Are you? I sure hope so. If not, please read further...

**** I'm writing this article assuming you know what a blog is. If you are not totally sure visit wikipedia.org and type in blog ********

A Serious Blog: If you are serious about making a blog, you have to keep a few things in mind:

1. NOBODY wants to read too many words. 2. NOBODY wants to read large paragraphs and blocks of texts. 3. NOBODY wants to wade through ugly designs and flashy graphics 4. EVERYBODY wants either inspiration, entertainment, or a solution to a problem 5. MOST PEOPLE prefer some pictures or videos to go along with a blog post 6. SOME PEOPLE like to make comments 7. NOBODY wants to waste their time reading "off topic" posts

Building an Audience: If you are concentrating on building a big audience for 1 blog, it is important that you have NO advertisements during the building stage. Wait until you have at least 100 regular readers before introducing 1 ad. Once your base is completely loyal, then you can start monetizing your site.

Some people would rather build multiple blogs with multiple advertisements. These people advertise their blogs through article directories, forums, search engines, etc..... Even though they don't have a regular reader base, they figure out which blogs are producing the most money for them and create other blogs in that genre

Monetizing Your Blog: If you are one of those people who want to build a loyal audience, it is very important that they get to know and trust you. Make sure all the information you write is accurate, and, find a way for your readers to get some recognition.

Once you have loyal readers, you can throw in a post here and there advertising one of your products, services, or affiliates. If you are sincere and have gained trust, your follower will be happy to support you and your opinions.

Now, if you are a blogger who creates and advertises a few blogs a day, Pay-Per-Click Advertising might be the easiest form of making big bucks. Many companies have created software that makes it very simple to add content and advertisement to multiple blogs at once. Once the blogs are created, the software then advertises your blog to thousands of directories.

No matter which type of blog you want to utilize, you WILL be successful.
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