31 July 2007

Smorty- An Easy Way For Bloggers To Earn

Smorty is a well-know get paid to blog site. Though there are many other sites which pay to blog, Smorty has its own special features and advantages. Smorty has advantages for both Bloggers and Advertisers. If you are thinking of a way to earn from blogging, Smorty is the best way. In Smorty you can get paid to blogging. Even if your blog is just 3 months old, it gets approved. Not only your blog is approved, but you also get two instant opportunities for $6 each. So that makes an easy $12. Now let me go deep on what you have to do as a blogger and advertiser which ever you choose to be.

If you are a blogger, submit your blog for approval. They take nearly a day to approve. But most probably your blog will be approved. You have opportunities which you can blog if you wish or you can also deny those requests. Once you accept, you ave to post about the advertiser within a fixed number of days. You will have to link to the advertiser with the anchor text they tell. You don't need to write a positive review all the time. So it's that easy to earn your first $12. After that also you get good opportunities.

If you are an advertiser, then Smorty is the right place for you. You can advertise on blogs of your wish. You get good reviews for a lesser price. Blog advertising can get you traffic and you also get linked with your chosen anchor text. The bloggers in the Smorty community have good readership. So Smorty is the right place for advertisers.

So what else you need? Whether you are blogger or advertiser, you can profit from Smorty. So think no further and join Smorty.

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