16 June 2007

Making Money From Home With Blog Trackback Links by Liane Bate

If you're like most online business owners, you are probably interested in making money from home with your website's blog. After all, blogging is free and one of the best ways to build traffic and sales without much monetary investment.

Unfortunately, if you're like most people trying to make money from home with your blog, you are also probably suffering from a shortage of visitors to your blog.

Do you create incredible content and post regularly to your blog, but are still not seeing the kind of traffic you want or making money from home with your blog the way you want to? If so, you should really be looking at what you are doing with your blog, and rework some things to drive more traffic to your site.

The first key to building traffic to your blog is adding quality content to it frequently. This means once per week at the very minimum, but you can blog safely up to three times per day if you really want to. Blogging and pinging may create traffic if you have the content, but it may not be enough.

If you want to make money from home with your blog, it's important to consider other ways of making the sales you want. One way that you can increase the links back to your site is by reading other people's blogs that are related in content to your blog, and commenting on them with your link at the end of your post.

It may seem time-consuming and worthless to you, but good bloggers get involved with a community of bloggers who talk about the same things and trade links with this method, thereby trading traffic between blogs at the same time. If you have good content but suffer from no blog traffic, then you will want to consider this avenue of increasing link-backs to your blog.

Not only that, but you will see more traffic just from other bloggers reading your comments and clicking on your links, as well as search engine traffic when they spider your links in the comments you've posted. The key thing to remember is that this is targeted traffic - people who are interested already in your website's niche.

Trackback links are another way to increase blog traffic and make money from home with your blog. You can take advantage of this method because not many people know what it is, how it works, or how their blogs can benefit from it.

Basically, a trackback will let another person's website know when you make a blog post that refers to that other person's blog post. It's like citing references within your blog post for your readers to click on when they want more information on the same topic by another author.

When you do this, a short blurb from your blog post will appear on that person's site, giving you a link back and more traffic to your site. You just have to check that the other blogger has a trackback link. Most WordPress blogs should have this feature, but probably not a lot of Blogger blogs will.

Trackback has a feature that is like having comments enabled or disabled on your blog and moderating them to decide if you want to keep them or discard them.

The difference between commenting on other's blogs and having a trackback link, and what makes a trackback link more useful is that you get way more targeted links pointing back to your site than via a regular link or comment exchange. The search engines will like these kinds of links better than a regular link too.

You can increase your blog traffic and start making money from home with your blog if you create solid content, use blog commenting wisely, join a community of bloggers, and implement the trackback feature on your blog to cite other blogs and create link-backs to your own.

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