03 November 2007

The Success Principle

I'm now back with my next post,The Success Principle.In my previous post i was talking about the people who who had achieved success.I said the main reason for it is HARD WORK.Now whatever hard work we do,we should have plans for every day.Now let me just equate few things for you.

Plans=Hard work
Hard work=Success

Make plans and also the important thing is FOLLOW it.This is the hard work which will give you success.Now start reading this with full concentration.Turn Off the songs,stop talking,close all other programs and read this.From now you will learn the principles.

Let's Get It Started
Now i want you to take handbook.If you don't have it get some notebook.You will be writing your plans here.Everyday you should have separate time for work.You should not do any other work in this time.I always have 2 hours working time as it is only part time for me.Now you can decide your work timings.Take a clock.Keep an alarm at when you have to finish.Now comes the work for your handbook.Write a main goal which you want you achieve on a particular day.Write the steps how you can achieve it.Don't do any work other than this.Don't go anywhere before you finish your job.

Things to be in your mind
You should think only of your work.Your mind should be 100% dedicated to work.You should be the best in whatever you do.Don't worry about others.You can be selfish during work time.But not during the remaining hours.Be confident.You should have faith in you.

Concluding My Post
So let's recollect the key points.
1)Plan well and work on it.
2)Don't do other things in your work time.
3)Be Dedicated and have faith.
4)Be confident of your work and do your best.

I end my post here.But remember to follow these.And ill meet you with my next post as early as possible.Good Luck.

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